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Welcome Back

Aug 20, 2021 Welcome back to SHS! I will be beginning my 36th and final year at our great school and I am looking forward to the school year. Please come ready to learn on Monday and let's have a great year!

Assignment Information

Sep 18, 2020 All assignments for all classes are posted on Canvas under "Modules." Additionally, there is a link to Zoom also located under the Modules section of Canvas. Assignments will no longer be posted here as that has seemed to cause unnecessary confusion.

Deadline to Turn in ALL Work/ All 6 Classes PLEASE Read!!!

May 17, 2020 The deadline to turn in ALL work will be Tuesday, May 26 at midnight. Any test or assignment not turned in by that time, unfortunately, will not and can not be accepted. PLEASE check your online grade book for your grade in here and make sure if you need to turn something in, you do so by this deadline. If you are missing an assignment, please email me in a timely manner and I will send it to you. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ALL STUDENTS (Periods 1-7)

Apr 13, 2020 Weekly lesson plans are now posted for the week of April 14-17. You can view them on your online folder under the grades tab. All assignments should be emailed to me at bwharton@sps186.org. Hope you are all doing well!

Fourth Quarter Consumer Education Students

Mar 23, 2020 I have added the notes from all four chapters we do in this class.You can find them under "Resources" on this page. They include chapters 1, 3, 4, and 10. Unfortunately, none of you have textbooks, so that makes things pretty difficult as far as assignments or assessments. We are obviously in a wait-and-see situation, so I would tell you to look over the notes from the four chapters and this can at least hold you over until we know something definitive. READ MORE

Current Events Students

Mar 16, 2020 Keep checking here throughout the week as I will be updating the unit 2 notes periodically. I posted the  current notes under "Resources" on this page. I will be adding to these notes throughout the week. I know this isn't an optimum situation, but hopefully it gets us through. Stay well and I hope to see you soon.

Sociology Students

Mar 16, 2020 I will be posting all the notes for the current chapter as well as the next chapter under "Resources" on this page. Stay well and I hope to see you soon.

Sociology Students

Sep 27, 2019 Just a reminder: The notes we go over on the board are on this page under the "resources" tab.

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