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American Indian Responses to Environmental Challenges

Meet the People:
•What have you learned about this tribe? What makes the place they live in special to them?
•Why are the people so concerned about the environmental problem in their community?
About their homeland:
•What is the local environment like? (land, water, climate, plants, animals)
•Name some ways the environment supports the tribe’s cultural traditions and economy.
Environmental challenge:
•How has the local environment been damaged?
•What caused the damage to the local environment?
•How are the people of this Native community working to repair the damage to the environment?
•Which groups of people are working together to fix the environment?
Their future:
•Why is it important for this community to educate its young people about this environmental issue?
•What are the hopes this community has for the future of its culture and environment?
•What environmental problem exists in your community and what are people doing about it?
•What can you do to help your community fix this problem?

Tribe NameMeet the People up arrow iconAbout their homelandEnvironmental challengeStrategiesTheir futureCommunityLink
Akwesasne Mohawk
Campo Kumeyaay Nation
Leech Lake Ojibwe
Lummi Nation