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Mar 14, 2020 This blog has been made for any of my students or parents to ask questions due to confusion about any assignments that I have assigned for March 16-March 30. You my also email me at chhood@sps186.org

Welcome back!

Sep 6, 2019 The first three weeks are in the books! What has been a highlight for you in our class? What are you hoping to learn real soon? 

End of the First Marking Period

Nov 5, 2018 The end of the first marking period is Thursday. What is something you are most proud of from the first marking period? Maybe you learned how to long divide... Maybe you learned better ways to control your feelings... Maybe there was something you didn't understand, but now you do... Take a few moments to respond.

Welcome Back

Aug 20, 2018 I know you are excited to start 5th grade, but what will you miss the most about your summer?

End of 2nd marking period

Feb 20, 2018 Now that the 2nd marking period is over, what was your best accomplishment?

Reading Non-Fiction

Dec 1, 2017 Students in 5th grade have been focusing their reading block time on reading non-fiction text. While reading non-fction text, students should be learning about certain topics. What is something that you have learned while reading non-fiction text?

Describing a character

Sep 26, 2017 Take a moment to identify a main character in a book that you are reading, then describe your character by the way he or she acts, talks, and reacts to certain situations. Be sure to give support to why you described your character that way.

The first 10 days

Sep 1, 2016 The first 10 days of the 2016 school year are in the books. What has been the best part of 5th grade so far?

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