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Tuesday, August 21st

Another awesome day! These students are just incredible!!!!

Literature - Today in Lit, we actually did some of the computer roll out! Yay! So, no homework in LIt today.

AVID - We dug right into some teambuilding today. We divided into teams and each team was given a portion of the clues needed to solve the Case of Blue Mountain Lodge. Teams had to work together to put all the clues together to solve the mystery. We found out we really need to communicate well to be successful. 

Writing - Today we worked on finishing "Me" by the Numbers and Letters. The posters are due tomorrow at the beginning of literature. If they are done on computer, students need to save them to their lit folders on their computers.

Tonight, ask your child about the BIST presentaiton during homeroom. We stressed to them that moving to the Safe Seat does not mean they are in trouble. Rather, it means they need a bit of time to get things together with their behavior so they can return to the group. We call parents when this happens just so everyone knows what is going on, should these behaviors continue. But the Safe Seat does not mean a student is in trouble! We will finish the BIST presentation on Thursday during Homeroom.

Monday, August 20th Welcome to 8th Grade !!!

Literature - Today in Literature we are focusing on setting routines and expectations. We are doing this through an activity titled, "Me" by the Numbers and Letters. Each of us will be creating a colorful and creative document that highlights things that are important in our lives through numbers or letters — ex. The number 1 is important to me because I have 1 daughter. The letter D is important to me because I am kind of a Disney freak :) etc. As we work on these creations we will go through the mini lesson expectations and guidelines, the group work guidelines and the independent work expectations. It's kind of a fun way for me to get to know everyone and to also make sure we have a classroom that will be inviting and safe for all. The "Me" by the numbers and letters poster is due on Wednesday, Aug. 22nd — However, we have several class periods to work on it so most, if not all of it, will be done in class. The Daily Agendas also highlight due dates.

AVID - Today we are going to spend just a little time telling our new 8th grade AVID scholars what we do in 8th grade AVID, and then we are going to get into some fun team building acitivites. We spent some time getting to know our classmates by playing Two Truths and a Fib. We foud out some very intereting things about the others in our class today. :) We moved our first team buiding actvitiy to tomorrow :) 

Writing - Today we are going to continue the work we started in Literature, "Me" by the Numbers and Letters. We are going to work on how to provide and receive feedback. Remember the "Me" by the Numbers and Letters poster is due Wednesday when students come to school — but again, we will be completing most, if not all of it during school. 

At Home... Ask your student what numbers and letters they chose that are important to them and why...  :)


Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year! I just have a feeling this is going to be an AWESOME year! Okay... I say that every year, and since 1983 I haven't been proven wrong! I love teaching writing and  literature and I love using the workshop model of learning. That being said, at the beginning of each writing and literature  class, we will congregate in our meeting area and I will present a mini lesson. Students will then make their way to their writing and reading areas, and they will apply the newly presented skills in their current piece of writing or reading. We will utilize peer feedback to help us improve our skills. Before the end of the class period, any student who thinks they are struggling a little with the new skill will meet in our briefing area and we will help clarify any questions they may have. This method of teaching and learning is extremely effective because students grow their writing and reading skills using authentic pieces of writing and literature.

I am a reader. I love to read lots of different types of text. I really love mysteries and adventure books. I also like to read about interior design and decorating. Some of my favorite authors are J.K Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Mary Higgins Clark, Emily Giffin, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, Dan Brown, Stephanie Meyer, David Baldacci... and the list goes on :) While we will have stories and text that we will all read, students will also work on their literacy skills using their own independent reading books. It is important that students have the opportunity to respond to their reading in a variety of ways, so, students may be writing an essay about what they have read or they may be creating a poster or a multimedia project, etc.

AVID is the 3rd course I will be teaching. Not only will we focus on skills students need for college, we will also complete the history fair project during AVID elective. It isn't as terrifying as some former 8th graders might have made it out to be. We use a lot of AVID skills throughout the entire history fair process. It is going to be great!

Please Note: I will be adding a brief descrtiption of homework every day on this website, howeer, most classrwork and assignments will be done through google classroom. I can easily add a parent email to your child's google classroom account so you can receive email summaries of your child's progress which include the work for the period as well as any missing assigments your child may have. You can regulate how often you receive the messages. While this doesn't allow you to actually access your child's google classroom account, you can always access it at any time using your child's district username and district password. Google classroom works extremely well because it allows us all to communicate and interact with each other, whereas this webpage is more one sided and only provides you information.

More information will be coming with directions on adding parent emails to receive google classroom summary emails. This will, in addition to the district gradebook, help you be on top of how your child is doing in school. 

Know that you can always contact me either through email or by phone to discuss your child's progress. I do have prep time during 4th hour this year, but email is probably the best method to reach me and I will either respond by email or give you a return call.

This is going to be a fantastic year and I am so looking forward to getting to know your child and you, as well :)

Ms. Christe Jones

Classroom Culture

To have a safe and positive place for students to work and grow there are just a few things that all of us — students, teacher, administrators — will do so that we can all have the best school year ever. First, we will be kind to each other. We show kindness by using positive words and body language and we encourage others to be the best they can be. Secondly, we will be respectful of each other. We are all different and we all have so many strengths to bring to our LMS family and we will show respect for each other by celebrating those differents and accepting each other for who we are. Lastly, as respectful and kind students, we will not allow anyone to be bullied, made fun of, or teased in a negative manner. 

Should any of us have difficulty and choose to exhibit behavior that deteriorates our classroom culture, the teacher will provide a quick redirect to help the student get back on track. Should this not work, the student will be asked if he/she needs a few moments to be by himself to compose his behavior. If both of these do not work, the student will be asked to move to the safe seat as a third way for the student to change the unwanted behavior. If all three options have not provided the student with enough support to redirect behavior, the student will be removed from the classroom and taken to the buddy room'/seat.