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Tuesday, May 29th

May 29, 2019 Literature - Finish Character Connections and read to page 235 Writing - We just worked on literature today AVID - Finish the 10 things needed to be successful in high school.

Friday, May 24th

May 29, 2019 Literature - Complete the character connection assignment. Writing - continue working on Writing My Way AVID - We were on a field trip  

Wednesday, May 22nd

May 22, 2019 Literature - Read to Pg. 190 Writing - continue working on your wriitng workshop piece. AVID - Cards for our tutors for the party tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 21st

May 21, 2019 Writing - We continued working on individual choice writing. Make sure your reflection is finished.  Reading - We had a quick quiz over page. 60 - 105 and read through pg. 170 and did Interactive Notebook PG. 13 AVID - Tutorials

Monday, May 20th

May 21, 2019 Reading - Read up to Pg. 161 in Anne Frank and make sure Pgs 11 and 12 are done in your interactive notebook. Writing - Make sure your calendar reflects the work you are doing... don't forget to do your writing reflection at the end of every class perioed.  AVID - We began the transitioning to high school unit of study. We looked at the 10 things that have been identified that successful high school students have in common. READ MORE

Thursday, May 16th

May 16, 2019 Reading and Writing - MAP Testing AVID - Tutorials

Wednesday, May 15th

May 16, 2019 Writing and Reading - MAP test practice  AVID - We finished the high school to college project

Tuesday, May 14th

May 16, 2019 Reading - We discussed why and how clothes were rationed. Students worked in groups to provide clothing for a family of four using the points and the alloted money. Writing - Writing My Way... AVID - Tutorials

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