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Writing Workshop

Being a good writer is important for students to be successful in life. We are committed to helping ALL students be the best writers they can be. Not only do writers need to be taught how to write, writers need time to increase their stamina for writing. That being said, this year we are going to write, write, write and then write some more.

It is important that we have time during class to learn new skills and to also have time to practice those skills. On most days, we will follow the writing workshop model which provides time for writers to be taught a new skill and time for them to practice that skill.

For us to have a successful writing workshop, we need to be focused and ready to learn. This is the schedule for daily writer's workshop:

7 minutes - Free Writing (record in writing notebook)
13 minutes - Move to class meeting area (quietly and quickly) for Mini Lesson. During mini lessons, we will focus on connecting new learning to previous skills and strategies.
25 minutes - Writers will move to their work area with their writing partners to practice the new skill for the day.

We will be relying on writing partners to help us throughout the writing process. They will help us if we get stuck on a topic to write about or help us decide if our writing makes sense to the reader, etc. It is important that our writing partners are friends we feel comfortable sharing our writing with and who will help us stay focused and on task without bothering others who are trying to write. Writers will be choosing their own writing partners. I may need to step in and change writing partners if a writer is off task, goofing off, not completing their tasks, etc.

Please discuss with your child the importance of writing and the importance of actively participating in all parts of writing workshop to be the best writers they can be.

Note: There will be days when, as part of writing workshop, we will be working on projects, publishing our writing, etc. and the daily schedule will be modified to meet those needs.