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Mission Statement The Franklin Middle School community will provide a high quality education to develop responsible learners and productive citizens.

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Thursday, January 16th

News Jan 16 Pre-Algebra: Students worked on 1.6 - 1.9 Practice #1. Then they completed 1.9XL Practice and Quiz. These should all be finished for Friday. There is a quiz on Friday. HW: S2 Review HW #8 Algebra 1: Students continued working on factoring by grouping. H

Wednesday, January 15th

News Jan 15 Pre-Algebra: Students corrected the 1.6 - 1.9 Practice #1 (front side). Then they worked on 1....

Tuesday, January 14th

News Jan 14 Pre-Algebra: Students worked examples of scientific notation with their partner from 1.6 - 1.9 Practice #1 (front side only). Then students worked on Review HW #6. Algebra 1: Students worked with their partner on Multiplying Polynomial Practice (8 -7 Pr

Monday, January 13th

News Jan 13 Pre-Algebra: Students worked examples #1-3 from Lesson 1.9 in their book and did practice problems. HW: Review HW #5 Algebra 1: Exponent Quiz today. No homework Algebra 2: 5.7 Day 1 Notes. HW: p. 363, #2, 4, 18 - 32 evens. The

Friday, January 10th

News Jan 13 Pre-Algebra: Students took the Exponent Quiz and worked on make-up work. Cornell Notes were collected. No homework for the weekend. Algebra 1: Students corrected their homework assignments and continued reviewing for Monday's quiz. HW: Exponent Revi

Thursday, January 9th

News Jan 9 Pre-Algebra: Students worked on 1.6XL Practice & 1.7XL Practice. There is a quiz on exponent rules on Friday. HW: Review HW #4 Algebra 1: Some students completed their semester pre-assessment while others worked on completing their book assignments

Wednesday, January 8th

News Jan 8 Pre-Algebra: Students completed the Cornell Note for Lesson 1.7 and worked practice problems from pp. 48 - 50. HW: Review HW #3 Algebra 1: Students corrected 8-2 Practice sheet and began work on the book assignments. HW: p. 421, #21 - 36 and p. 436, #10

Tuesday, January 7th

News Jan 7 Pre-Algebra: Students took Cornell Notes from Lesson 1.6 and worked problems from pp. 42 - 43 in their book. HW: S2 Review HW #2 Algebra 1: Students corrected 8.1 Skills Practice and worked on 8.2 Skills Practice. They need to finish for homework. There

Monday, January 6th

News Jan 6 Pre-Algebra: Students worked with their partner on S2 Review HW #1. This is due tomorrow. Algebra 1: Students took notes on Exponent Rules and worked examples with their partner. HW: Skills Practice #8 - 24. Algebra 2: Student

Friday, January 3rd - Welcome Back!!

News Jan 3 Pre-Algebra: Students cleaned out their binders and completed the HW Review Practice as a class. They should keep this in their binder for homework help for Semester 2 as well as their Cornell Notes. No homework. Algebra 1: Students took the S2 Pre-Test

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