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We are currently giving the Fit Gram Testing.

We are currently using the Fit Gram Testing System to evaluate your student in Physical Education. We test on several different exercises such as the push-up, curl-ups, Pacer 20m. We also take the students height and weight. These tests are administered twice during each semester and are given to all the students taking PE at Washington Middle School. The first of the tests is a pre-test that gives us a starting point on your child's overall fitness level, and the second test is the final exam where we see how well your child has progressed through out the semester. We do have a self check test every month where your child will do the Pacer, curl-ups, and push-ups and write down to help them keep track of how they are doing. We have an intervention PE program for the ones that are not in the fit zone and they will be given a more aerobic and cardiovascular exercise regiment to follow until they too can get into the fit zone.