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Skeletal System Scavenger Hunt

How the Body Works: On this website students will watch a short movie about the skeletal system.

1. How many bones are in your body? _______________
2. Where do bones meet? ______________________________

Your Gross and Cool Body: Students will read facts on the skeletal system.

3. What are the two purposes for your bones? _______________________ and ___________________
4. How does a broken bone mend? ___________________________________________________

The Skeletal System: Students will read facts on the skeletal system.

5. What is the tough, smooth, shiny substance at the end of each bone called? __________________________________________
6. Bones are held together by strong stretchy bands called ______________________?

ThinkQuest: The Spine Students will read facts on the, which is the central support for the body and part of the skeletal system.

7. The spine is made up of separate irregular bones called _______________________?
8. There are __________ vertebrae in the spine.

Learning for Kids: Students will be able to choose different bones and click on them to find out more information.

9. The ___________________ is the only moveable bone in your skull.
10. The larges bone in our body is the _________________.

Skeletal System: Students will read facts on the skeletal system.

11. What happens in the bone marrow? ______________________________________________

Body System Interaction: Students will learn how different body systems work together.

12. What is one way the skeletal system interacts with the nervous system? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Extension Activities:
Skeletal System Quiz

Assemble a skeleton

Watch a video