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French Class Schedule

Zoom class for French is on the A/B Schedule 

Last names  A-K  Tu/Th  &   L-Z  We/ Fr

Useful tools to help you learn French

Here are some ideas to help you learn French... (more details are located on both my Info & Resources pages)

Go on the website Conjuguemos.com and practice some activities

Find a Quizlet and practice some activities

Call a friend and quiz vocab with each other

Go on Duolingo or other apps and test your skills :)

Lesson Plans are found on Canvas & on the Intranet

News 23 hours ago You can find my weekly lesson plans in 2 places--on Canvas (on the Homepage, click on the week) and also on the Intranet. 

Schedule/ 1st Day Information

News Aug 28 Dear Parents and Students: Bonjour & Bienvenue!   Welcome to French Class for the 2020-2021 school year! I am eager to start the school year and meet all my new students & catch up with all my returning students.   **1st Da

C'est la Rentrée-- It's Back-to-School Time!

News Aug 24 "Bienvenue" and "bonjour" to all my students! I am looking forward to meeting my new students and hearing about everyone's summer vacation on Zoom! Salut!

End of the year announcements

News May 18 It's hard to believe that the year is winding down! I hope that everyone will have a nice summer--les grandes vacances! Here are a few wrap-up announcements: -- The last day to turn in work will be Tuesday, May 26th. Please feel free to email with any questions.

3rd Quarter News

News Mar 3 As the end of 3rd Quarter is approaching, I wanted to remind everyone that all missing and/or make-up work will be due by the end of the day Friday, March 13th.  Any questions, see Mme Boltz

C'est Mardi Gras!

Photos Mar 3 On Mardi Gras, we discussed the significance iof the holiday n France and what some of the traditions are. We also made crowns to celebrate. Here are the contest winners! Felicitations!

C'est la Faience de Quimper

Photos Mar 3 Today, in French 2, we discussed the region of Bretagne in France and how one of their cultural specialties is artistic pottery. The students made a modern version of a plate. Voila...c'est jol

Bonne Fete de St. Valentin!

Photos Feb 21 We had a nice day learning Valentine's Day vocabulary and doing fun activities.

Update—Speaking tests

News Dec 15 For my French 2 and French 3 classes--Speaking Tests will now be on Tuesday, Dec. 17th. 

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