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Intermediate students- Make sure to bring your notebook and something to write with to music class every day.

Middle Level students- Make sure to bring your folder and something to write with every day.

2021 Music Class Hybrid schedule and zoom links

2020 Encore Aug 18 Primary (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Remote learners 10:00-10:45. Hybrid learners 2:30-3:15 Upper Primary (Tuesdays and Thursdays) Remote learners 9:00-9:45.  Hybrid learners 1:30-2:15

Zoom links for August 18th

2020 Encore Aug 17 Hi Everyone- On Tuesday, August 18th, all students will zoom with all Encore teachers to learn how their classes will go this year. Middle level should zoom at 9:15, intermediat

2020 Encore Start

2020 Encore Aug 17 Encore will meet with students starting on Tuesday, August 18th. Middle level is at 9:15, intermediate is 10:45, upper primary is 12:15, and primary is 1:00. We'll send the zoom link when we ha

Upper Primary Plans

Lesson Plans May 22 When you all were in primary, we read a book called "The Brementown Musicians". Do you remember that one? If you want to refresh your memory, you can read it

Primary Music Plans

Lesson Plans May 22 This is our last music lesson of the school year! Thanks to all those who have been participating and following along. I can't wait to get back to school in the fall like normal! Chec

Intermediate Music Plans: One Last Look at Beethoven

Lesson Plans May 22 Hi Intermediate- We've listened to a couple short shows about Beethoven. We'll listen to one more. This one talks about how modern artists have kind of made fun of Beethoven in th

Primary Music Plans

Lesson Plans May 15 Go to this WEBSITE. Click on "Pinka-Perfect Band. You'll get to "make" an instrument and choose some of the

Upper Primary plans- Philharmonic music

Lesson Plans May 15 Last week we read that kind of funny book about the members of a Philharmonic Orchestra getting dressed and getting ready for a performance. This week, we'll watch a video about a group ju

Intermediate Plans- DJ Kool Herc Video

Lesson Plans May 13 Last week, we read about the origin of Hip Hop music. One of the individuals that played a large part in developing hip hop went by the name of "DJ Kool Herc". This week, I've got a v

Upper Primary plans- The Philharmonic Gets Dressed

Lesson Plans May 8 Hi Upper Primary- I've recorded a video of me reading a cool book to you. Click on this LI

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