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What are you looking most forward to this school year?

Aug 21, 2016 As a parent of a new kindergartner, I know you have many questions, fears and expectations. Tell me some of the things you are looking most forward to this school year and how I can help you?

What will you be this year for Halloween?

Oct 28, 2015 We just had our Halloween party and all teh kids were very excited. What will they be this year??

Elf on the Shelf

Dec 7, 2014 We had a surprise package come from the North Pole!! Our very own Elf on the Shelf. We read the book to learn why Santa sent this elf to us and how she works. We then had to vote to name her. The name that won was Jingle Bells. We have enjoyed seeing where all Jingle Bells sits in our room and watches us, so she can go and report to Santa each night. Please ask your child what their favorite place has been that Jingle Bells has been.

Tell me about your child.

Sep 19, 2013 I have been learning so much about your children. Tell me one thing that has surprised you so far about school?

Thanksgiving Feast

Nov 14, 2011 We will be having our Thanksgiving feast this Thursday November 17, 2011 during our lunch time. We will be having our feast in the hallway with the teachers serving yummy food for Thanksgiving. What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?


Nov 14, 2011 Tell me one thing about your family!

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