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Parent Teacher Conferences

Novemver 6 10:00-10:15am Mikah
Novemver 6 10:15-10:30am Kaeden
Novemver 6 11:00-11:15am Gio
Novemver 6 11:30-11:45am Emmett
Novemver 9 6:00-6:15 pm Bea
November 9 6:45-7:00 pm Chelsea
November   Kayden
November   Harlee
November   Reinaldo


Martin Luther King Jr

This week we learned that all people should be treated the same regardless of "color".  We made a rainbow honoring Martin Luther King Jr.  


October 4th will be this years day to have school pictures taken. On this day, your child may dress in clothes other than their uniform. This is only for this day to make the picture personal to you. You will need to pre-pay and submit the package you would like BEFORE or on that day. Every child will have their picture taken, however, only those that purchase them will actually receive them. If you have any questions, please let me know

New School Year 2016-2017

Welcome to Kindergarten! We are excited to start this new school year. We have a lot of new things going on this school year! The first is we will be starting school promptly at 8:30 daily. Your child can now eat breakfast between 8:00 and 8:25. Please make sure your child arrives early enough to eat.
I am looking forward to starting this new year off with you on this journey! Please feel free to contact me via email darmstrong@sps186.org or call 525-3245