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Douglas Dress Code

Dress code expectations

History/Science for 5-20 and 5-21

Info May 16 Please finish any work you did not complete and turn it in to my email. davisham@sps186.org The work is posted below. Thanks

PE for 5-18 and 5-19

Info May 16  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the rain. This week is a chance to make up any work you have not finished. Please pick a PE activity from the past week

History for 5-13 and 14

Info May 13 You continue to make History ! Continue to wash your hands and stay safe. Please pick from one of these pages. CNN 10 or http:/

PE for 5-11 and 12

Info May 9 I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed some sunshine. Here is the PE work. Please email me and tell me how it went for you.   Jump Rope Rhymes: [

Work for 5-6 and 5-7

Info May 5 Let's get out of here ! Since we cannot leave how about we do the next best thing, take some virtual rides. Anwser these questions and email me about your fun "trip".

PE for the 4th and 5th

Info May 2 Get up,  get moving, and jump around. Here is a jump rope activity for you to do. Take a video or send an email on how you did on this project. Have a great day !  

May the 4th be with you !

Info May 2 I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. Let me know how the weekend was for you. Email me at davisham@sps186.org

History for 4-29 and 4-30

Info Apr 28 The District and Illinois want all families to see the value of filling out the Census 2020. Here is another link to help everyone understand it. I cannot get it to link to take you

PE for 4-27 and 28

Info Apr 25 Here is the link for your PE class. You can do between 4-6 of these workouts. Let me know which ones you did and if you liked it.   Deck of Fitness: [

Welcome 4-27 and 28

Info Apr 25 Welcome to another week of learning. I hope you all are safe and doing great. Here is your SEL/check in questions. Would you rather live in 1920 or 2120 and tell me why ? What d

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