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Welcome to Child Development
Child Development and Parenting

I love teaching Child Development!

This course will emphasize learning experiences that will help you develop a working knowledge of how children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually, from conception through preschool age.

We will begin the semester talking about the different theorists who have studied child development and how the studies might be different if they were done today. If you have younger siblings at home, please start observing their behavior.

Getting to know you!
Introduction to Family and Consumer Science

We will begin the semester getting to know each other, and then move on to building character, discussing virtues, and building relationships. Hopefully the Cubs will continue to play well and we can discuss them also! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!  Go Cubs Go!

We Are Returning to Hybrid Learning!

News Jan 6 On Tuesday, January 12, students will return to Hybrid Learning! As a result, we will follow the AB schedule. Tuesday: A Students will Zoom Wednesday: B Students will Zoom Thursday:  A Students will Zoom Friday:  B Students will Zoom

Advanced Early Childhood Education

News Jan 4 I love this class!!! We will build on what we learned in Child Development and plan lessons and activities for children. We will play and learn together!

Welcome to Second Semester!!

News Jan 4 I am looking forward to second semester and hope you are excited as well....

1st Semester, Exam Schedule

News Dec 1 1st hour - Wednesday, December 16, 8:24 - 9:55 2nd hour - Wednesday, December 16, 10:00 - 11:35 3rd hour - Wednesday, December 16, 12:50 - 2:17 5th hour - Thursday, December 17, 10:00 - 11:35 6th hour - Friday, December 18, 8:24 - 9:55 7th hour -

Did You See This??!! Show Your Senator Pride!!

News Nov 10 Hey Senators! BAS is seeking out the student with the most Solon Spirit....

downloadFamily and Consumer Science (CTE) Remote Learning Documentation National Standards for FACS

Resources Aug 26 This document lists the national standards for remote learning. http://www.nasafacs.org/national-standards-and-competencies.html

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans Aug 26 Weekly lesson plans can be found on line!

Where is My Textbook?

News Aug 26   When you need the textbook, the chapters required will be accessible through Canvas!   Mrs.Hays

Canvas, Canvas, Canvas

News Aug 26 Students will log in to canvas using sps186.instructure.com Please let me know if you have trouble logging in.

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