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As a Student Support Services resource teacher, my goal for students is progress. Whether in academic or functional areas, all students can learn at the pace they have the ability for. It's my job to figure out the best way to meet their needs while giving them the most independence possible. If your child is on my caseload, you will find many of the following resource/classroom practices and modifications in use: • Pull out for academics • Resource teacher pushing into the classroom • Modification of weekly spelling or vocabulary lists (shorter lists, simplified definitions, alternate words) • Modification of assignments (shorter assignments, focus on main topics only, extra practice) • Extended time for assignments • Pre-teaching or pre-reading before the rest of the class • One on one help • Small group within the classroom • Pull out for tests (quiet environment, clarify directions, read questions, oral testing, extended time, alternate testing) • Use of iPad technology featuring the use of Spelling City and Seesaw apps • Daily SBC (Skills Based Coaching) sheets  • Weekly progress monitoring with reading, math and writing assessments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

Resource Group Expectations

More than likely, I will be seeing your child one to three times a day through pull out groups. Since our time is valuable, I make sure that all students are aware of resource group expectations that are supportive to our learning. The following is a basic list of expectatons we follow each time we meet as a group:

  • Line up with AVID binder when Mr. Curry comes to pick you up.

  • Walk from classroom to Mr. Curry's resource room quickly and quietly.

  • Enter the resource room, sit down and be ready to work and learn.

  • Be supportive of others in the learning group.

  • Use iPad technology appropriately.

    • Log in and out of Seesaw/Spelling City.

    • Close apps in use.

    • Put iPad away in its appropriate slot.

    • Put headphones away appropriately.

  • Line up and be ready for silent passage back to the classroom.