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Sandburg's Telephone Number: 787-3112

Please call or email me anytime with questions or to express your concerns. If you are worried about your child's academic or behavioral progress do not hesitate to talk to your classroom teacher and/or schedule a student support meeting. I welcome any information that will help me teach your child.

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Resource Room Expectations

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Goodbye, Remote Learning...

Photos May 28 Take a look back at some of the remote learning moments of this school year.

Let's Learn About Memorial Day

News May 22 Memorial Day has always marked the unofficial start of summer, but sometimes it true purpose is forgotten. Click this link to learn about the history of Memorial Day. Then, use this

A Message From Sandburg

News May 21 Click the link for a special video made by the Sandburg Staff. You might need to get a tissue first.

Making Comprehension Stick!

News May 20 Everyone loves to use sticky notes when learning and working. They are handy and helpful! Use this link to view a lesson about different educational uses for sticky notes.


News May 19 It's a great day to make bubbles! To get started, click this link for a science video. When you are ready, click here for a lesson and assign

Math Monday!

News May 18 It's a great day to practice division. Many kids find that division is the hardest operation. The trick is to remember that division and multiplication go together. Use this video to learn more helpful tricks.

Fun Friday!

News May 15 I can't believe it is STILL raining! Don't worry there are plenty of fun things to do on a rainy day! Click this link for ideas. After reading them, text or email me which one you think is the

Math Poetry?

News May 14 It's a great day to finally memorize those few tough math facts that have been hard for you! The links below...

Poetry Cafe

News May 13 If you attended Sandburg last year, you remember the Poetry Cafe....

It's National Limerick Day!

News May 12 It is National Limerick Day! It's a great day to write your own! Limericks are a kind of humorous (funny) poem, in which the first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other. Click this

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