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Welcome back to Black Hawk, students!

My name is Mrs. Hummel and I would like to welcome all of the new and returning families attending speech therapy to Black Hawk Elementary! I look forward to getting to know each one of you! Please click on this box to access a great resource on sound acquisition. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at ehummel@sps186.org.

Comparing and Contrasting!!!

News Apr 30 Click on these link to play a comparing and contrasting game.  THEY ARE SUPER FUN!!!!! Please email me if you try them!!! (ehummel@sps186.org) https://wheelofnames.com/view/3p2-kze/


FREE SPEECH RESOURCES Apr 17 Click this link to find all sorts of free and fun activities to complete while you are at home!

Check out ways to work on your speech and language skills at home!

News Mar 16 Click here for some great ideas to keep up on your speech and language goals!  With so many students working on...

Power Word - Formulate

News Apr 27 Formulate - To express in a concise way

Power Word - Extract

News Apr 13 EXTRACT - To Remove or take out

Power Word - Persuade!

News Nov 30 Power Word for the week of December 4th... PERSUADE To convince someone to do or say something; Usually after providing a reason.

Power Word - Paraphrase!

News Nov 16 For the week of November 20th - PARAPHRASE                   To say something someone else has said using DIFFERENT words!      

Power Word - Predict!

News Nov 3 Predict - to fortell the future; to tell what will happen next!   Practicing predicting while reading with your child!

Power Word - REJECT

News Oct 20 Power word for the week of 10/23 is REJECT! Reject means to withold communication/love or refuse    

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