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My Teaching Schedule 2019/20

1 Advanced German 235

2 Honors German 336

3 AP German 437

4 Advanced German 135

5 Advanced German 135

6 Prep

7 Advanced German 235

Can-Do Statements for World Languages

Here students can view the official performance indicators for learning a world language against which they can measure their individual communication skills and language proficiency. 

World Readiness Standards

Here students can view the official World Readiness Standards for learning a world language. 

Grading for Online Learning

News Apr 26 Due to the circumstances, this year's final semester grades are determined by giving the better of the...

My Remote Teaching Schedule

News Apr 13 German 235A  Monday 12-2 Zoom Meeting 1pm German 336 Tuesday 9-11 Zoom Meeting 10am

Avanti's Fundraiser Cancelled

News Mar 15 Due to the coronavirus and the fact that we do not know if and when we can have our delivery day because of it, we have...

Wie geht's dir heute?

Photos Sep 30 German 1 students showing their emotions.

Wer das ABC gelernt...

Photos Sep 30 German 1 students identifying the letters of the alphabet pretending they are at the eye doctor.

Erster Schultag

Photos Aug 27 German 1 students proudly showing their Zuckertüten (candy cones) for the first the day of school.

German-American Partnership Program

News Aug 17 Please click on the link GAPP on the left to connect to the GAPP homepage to see news and the photo galleries.

German Club

News Aug 17 Please click on the link German Club on the left to connect to the German Club homepage to see news, important information, and the photo galleries.

Syllabi&Grading Policy, Classroom Rules, Homework Reminders, Extra Credit Guidelines

News Aug 17 You can find the syllabi&grading policy, the classroom management plan, homework reminders, and the extra credit guidelines under the link "Info". Please contact me if you have questions.

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