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DRAWN to the Links on the Left : )

Mar 23, 2020 I've linked two of my favorite step-by-step websites, on the left side of my homepage. Please click, explore, find something to draw with... and GET CREATIVE! Use the prompts you discover as a baseline, and then add your own details, color schemes, or backgrounds, to make your drawings UNIQUE! Art Projects for Kids has a link for Drawings, that are organized by categories.. READ MORE


Mar 21, 2020 Hello, Dubois Artists (and families) -  I wanted to check-in and let you know what’s happening in the “Art Room” these days , and to share a few updates.  Monday morning, I cleared off our tables and surfaces, putting materials and artwork in safe spots so that the classroom could be ‘deep cleaned’ and disinfected, in our absence. READ MORE

An Artist to Know: Kehinde Wiley

Aug 25, 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaZbMI21pXY Kehinde Wiley (born February 28, 1977), is an American portrait painter living in New York City, who is known for his realistic paintings of black people. He was commissioned in 2017 to paint a portrait of President Barack Obama, for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, which has portraits of all the United States Presidents. READ MORE

An Artist to Know: Amy Sherald

Aug 20, 2019 https://time.com/collection-post/5444990/amy-sherald-firsts/ Amy Sherald (born August 30, 1973) is an American painter based in Baltimore, Maryland. She is best known for her portrait paintings. Her choices of subjects aim to enhance the genre of American art historical realism by telling African-American stories within their own traditions. Please take a moment to view the brief video about Ms. Sherald. Amy Sherald is DEFINITLEY an artist to know!

Happy NEW Year... from Room 206!

Aug 14, 2019 As our school year is set to begin, I just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts and details about our Art program here, at Dubois Elementary. At Dubois, we recognize the impact of imagination and its underlying strength in developing flexible, creative, analytical, inquisitive and humanistic minds. A core belief of a Visual Arts education at Dubois is the belief that ART IS FOR EVERYONE, not just the "talented" or select few. READ MORE

Kindergarten Gets a JUMP START... in ART!

Feb 6, 2019 In preparation for Family Art Night (May 9th), Kindergarteners will be attending a very special Art Class - in part, so they can create a project to be displayed in our all-school exhibit, and also, so that they can have a ‘preview’ of the Art Room, before they become big 1st grade artists! Kindergarteners will be introduced to our studio space, and learn a little about what happens here. READ MORE

What Is ART?

Aug 26, 2012 Creative Expression Students explore art in a variety of media. They learn to develop and apply design concepts to expressive and imaginative themes. They relate art to everyday life. Students are encouraged to develop their own ideas for artwork, to refine them and use media expressively. Art History Students explore the artistic traditions of Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. Artistic achievements of men, women, and ethnic groups past and present, are represented. READ MORE

Diving Headfirst into the Unknown

Aug 27, 2009 “I often visit classrooms and ask who loves to draw. In kindergarten and first grade, all the hands go up. By fourth and fifth grade, most of the hands are down, or perhaps pointing to ‘the class artist’. It’s sad to see kids’ creative energy slowing down, being packed away. I am convinced it’s because they learn early that there are ‘rules’ to follow. READ MORE

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