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Art Smart (part five)

Feb 23, 2010 An assemblage is a three-dimensional artwork that is made by combining pieces of other objects or "found" materials. Recently, we have been studying the assemblage work of John Chamberlain, Louise Nevelson (see photo), and Jean Dubuffet (who was one of the first to use the term 'assemblage'). READ MORE

Art Smart (part four)

Jan 14, 2010 Figurative artwork resembles the human form. Figurative work can be abstract or representational, two- or three-dimensional. 4th Grade Artists: Work with a partner to find an example of figurative artwork you both agree should be shared. Explain how the artist represents the human figure, and how you think the artist felt about the subject matter.

Art Smart (part three)

Dec 1, 2009 Abstract artwork represents images of people, places, or things differently than they might appear in the world around us. Many times line, shape, or color plays a significant role in creating an abstraction of the artwork’s subject matter. Third graders... Please share the experiences you have had with creating your abstract landscapes. READ MORE

Art Smart (part two)

Nov 10, 2009 Emphasis is the Principle of Design that describes where and how an artist draws attention to part of an artwork. Emphasis can be made with any element of art to direct the viewer's eye. If you've ever had an art class with me, you know that I have purchased or borrowed MANY a book based solely on the cover art - something, usually a color or the visual texture in an illustration, commands my interest. READ MORE
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Art Smart (part one)

Nov 1, 2009 Art Smart is our new weekly vocabulary "thinker" created to help students share their ideas about the terms we use in Art, and how such terms relate to their feelings about the art they see, study, and create. Scale is the size of an object in relation to its environment. This painting by Mark Rothko is large-scale; it is about as tall as the woman in this photograph. Imagine that this painting is as tall as your house and then imagine it as tall as your hand. READ MORE

A Splash of Color for a White House

Oct 7, 2009 If it were up to you, what type of art would you select to adorn the walls of The White House, and why? Would you choose work only by famous artists, or would you focus on the style and subject matter depicted in artwork from unknown artists? What kind of statement do you hope the art you choose would make to guests and visitors? Pick one or two questions to consider. Develop and share your thoughtful answers.

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