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SPSF Library Grant

SPSF Library Grant

Oct 24, 2018 Our Art Room was recently awarded a classroom library grant from the Springfield Public Schools Foundation.  Students were so excited to see the new books arrive today, and look forward to reading and discussing them soon!  Many thanks to the the SPSF, for their kindness...
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Lines, and a Primary Focus - 1st Grade

Oct 21, 2011 First graders have started looking closer at famous ART and Artists. During our "Who and Where" mini-unit, students will work to create their own art similar to our featured artist's style.
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Student Artwork at Lincoln Library

Mar 29, 2011 The following Feitshans students will have artwork on display at the downtown branch of Lincoln Library as part of the spring student art exhibit. The exhibit will be on view throughout April and May.
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Art Club Raises Funds for the APL

Dec 16, 2010 Last night, members of Feitshans Academy Art Club gathered at RMD Gallery to celebrate their artistic accomplishments and fundraising efforts with a focus on the Animal Protective League.
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The Color Wheel

Oct 24, 2010 COLOR is derived from reflected light. Light waves are reflected from objects to your eye. As an artist we use pigments in the form of powder or liquid paints to create color. HUE refers to the name of the color. INTENSITY is the brightness or dullness of a color.
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SYPG Visits Fine Arts Students

Oct 22, 2010 Art students at Feitshans are currently focusing on Art as a visual record, recognizing the four different art forms, interpreting Art using visual clues, and understanding etiquette and constructive commentary.
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Kindergarten Gets a "Good Read" on Art

Aug 29, 2010 Every Kindergarten Art class at Feitshans Academy begins with a book. By using "read alouds" to help introduce our arts lessons, students begin to improve their comprehension of arts- related vocabulary, and become more actively engaged in the learning process.
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Western Round-Up: All-School Mural

Oct 29, 2009 As a part of today's Western Round-Up festivities, students were encouraged to participate in creating the following all-school mural. Well done, Feitshans artists!
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