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Freshman Literature 134 Whirligig novel
What is Inclusion?

Inclusion teachers are special education teachers who have been matched with regular education teachers to co-teach. We are there to support students with special needs, to make sure that accommodations listed on the students' IEP's are implemented, and to support the teacher. We have many roles. Sometimes we will be in the front of the classroom along with the regular education teacher teaching the material to the whole class. Sometimes we are circulating the classroom to make sure students are following along. We will work with small groups to re-teach information or to provide additional academic support. We also offer support and assistance to any student who has questions or needs something re-explained. We support classroom management and provide positive and negative consequences for behavior. We make parent phone calls and have parent conferences. We have access to student information and grades and participate in some classroom grading.

How to Submit an Assignment using ONLY your Chromebook

Info Sep 29 Watch this YouTube video for easy instructions  


Info Sep 16 I will post the instructional videos for Algebra 134a (Slater) for viewing each week by Monday morning. Mr. Hull (Geom334) posts all instructional videos and completed notes each week.

Mrs. Mitchell's Teaching Schedule & Tutoring Times

News Sep 16 1. Prep 8:24-9:08  2. Alg134a (Slater) 9:14-9:54  (T/R Zoom with A-L)  (W/F Zoom with M-Z) 3. Geom334 (Hull) 10:00-10:40 (T/R Zoom with A-L)  (W/F Zoom with M-Z) Lunch 10:40-11:10 4. Alg134b (Crum) 11:16-11:57 (Zoom T-F with ALL students

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