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All assignments MUST be turned in by the end of each unit/chapter, unless other directions are given.

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1st hour Algebra 134b

2nd hour Statistics 435

3rd hour Algebra 134b 

4th hour AP Statistics 337

5th hour Algebra 134b  

6th Statistics 435

7th Algebra 134b 

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Photos of book work

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Assignments during school closure

News Apr 17 All information, assignments, and video lessons will be posted in Google Classroom. All class codes are listed below. Please let me know if there are questions or concerns at fmidiri@sps186.org There will be weekly zoom meetings for each class.

Algebra Classes

Info Mar 18 Remember we have Khan Academy classrooms set up too! It does not matter what topic you work on, just get some work in. If you have not signed up yet here are the class codes: 3rd: A935DY8

Activities for March 17th-31st

News Mar 16 I will be putting some things on the google classroom for you to work on to stay fresh....

AP Exam practice resources

Info Apr 25 https://www.albert.io/ap-statistics     http://barronsbooks.com/ap/stats/

download9.2 problem 47

Info Mar 10 Tying Confidence Intervals to Significance Testing

downloadSignificance test example

Info Mar 9 Two sided z test for a proportion

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