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January and February Student Support News from Mrs. Frachey

We are working on eliciting the Relaxation Response. We partner with The Harvard School of Medicine Benson-Henry Mind-Body Institute and Memorial Health Foundation to help students define and deal with stress in their lives. This Unit of Inquiry includes defining stress, the effects of stress on the body, fight, flight or freeze responses, visualization, affirmations, gratitude and some brain science.

International Mindedness


         Iles School has been a Free the Children Me to We school since 2005 (actually it was called “O Ambassadors” when we began, and has gone through several name changes). We have helped build schools in Ghana, Kenya and East Asia. We helped dig a well in East Asia so girls could attend the school we helped to build. The students who started this service-learning program are taking the Free the Children message with them to other schools in our district. Currently, there are 4 schools in our district in some stage of their Free the Children involvement directly because of Iles “graduates”. We purchased 13 goats for the alternative income project in Rajasthan, India. So many of our students had been there, we had our own “in house” experts who became our guest speakers for our awareness activities. In 2015, Iles celebrated 10 years with FTC by attending the FIRST EVER WE DAY ILLINOIS!!


         Our 436 students come from all over the city (since Iles is a magnet school). They represent 21 different nationalities with 21 different native languages spoken in our students’ homes. It is the oldest operating building in our district. It was built in honor of Elijah Iles, a friend of Abraham Lincoln. Iles School is also an International Baccalaureate World School, which, like Free the Children, emphasizes active, compassionate global citizenship.  



         Our school is located in an older, urban, economically deprived neighborhood. The Me to We Leadership Team at Iles found that the “We Take Charge” campaign was just the thing to engage the neighborhood in a positive and productive way. In partnership with Free the Children, GenH Kids, and Living Water Church, we are creating a free nutritional food source for the community. “We Take Charge”, is a campaign which is part of “We Act”, a service learning curriculum that offers Iles students a chance to practice compassionate and active local citizenship while at the same time teaching ecology and sustainable development, hone research skills, planning, implementation, and follow through.


As we researched and put into action what we are learning about ecology and becoming active citizens through our “We Act” involvement, we join our partners to develop this community garden. Students have been involved in research and study about best practices for sustainable urban development and garden upkeep through the GenH Kids program. Living Water Church is providing help and the plot of land. Our “We Take Charge” campaign is a year long initiative designed to bring diverse groups from different together to take action to create a safer, greener, more sustainable planet starting in our own neighborhood.






The Free the Children “We Act” program is an educational program that empowers students to take local and global actions. So far this year, our Iles Me to We Leadership Team has initiated and managed “Me to We Drug Free Week”,

http://www.sps186.org/teachers/frachey/?p=21135&b=12&i=556056, http://www.sps186.org/teachers/frachey/?p=21135&b=12&i=557088, http://www.sps186.org/teachers/frachey/?p=21135&b=12&i=557131, http://www.sps186.org/teachers/frachey/?p=21135&b=12&i=560406 which raises funds for our local United Way. “We Are Silent” creates awareness about children who have no voice.  We also participate in the “We Are the Change” and “We Are Love” campaigns:




Although our core Me to We Leadership Team is composed of approximately 60, 5th-8th graders who volunteer to do service in the school, the community and globally, the entire school is involved at age appropriate levels.



Iles Earns an A+ Rating/One of the Top Schools in the State

Our school earned an A+ rating from Homefacts and ranks among the top schools in our state. Attached is a badge that will directs you to our A+ School rating and provides a link to our school's profile page on homefacts.com where visitors can review our student test scores and the other information used to derive your A+ rating at:


Iles Student Support Class

Our Student Support classes meet to explore our International Baccalaureate (I.B.) concept of International Mindedness through our many service learning projects. Our learner profile attributes aim to develop internationally minded students. The learner profile attributes include: inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, communicators, principled, open-minded, caring, risk takers, balanced, and reflective. As you will see in our monthly news, videos and links, these characteristics are in constant motion at Iles!