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January and February News and Notes from Student Support

January 23, 2020

by: Mrs. Frachey

All elementary student support classes are working on what we call “Relaxation Station Mini-Vacations”. We partner with Memorial Health Systems and Harvard School of Medicine, The Benson-Henry Mind/Body Institute, to elicit the Relaxation Response. This is a resilience building, stress reduction program designed for students. So far, we’ve discussed what stress is, where we feel it in our bodies, and practiced the Special Place Visualization (to promote a healthy ways to deal with upsets/stress) and Mountain Meditation (to get students in touch with their own inner strength). We will also do a Garden Visualization and Visualization for Success for setting goals.

We then move into gratitude and kindness as ways to reduce stress and make our world a better place, which will reinforce Nimo’s songs. We are hoping Nimo will pay us a visit sometime this spring so we can all sing together! (All the way from Ahmedabad, India!)

In middle school, we are “Diving into Inquiry”, doing free inquiry projects or getting academic help and support.