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Session 1-Read-Aloud: Investigating Multiple Character Traits

Session 2-Readers Revise Their Thinking as They Accumulate Evidence

Session 3-Developng Courses of Study With a Partner: Book Choices and Thinking Work (Archetypes)

Session 4-Perceptive Readers Acknowledge the Parts of a Character that Are Less Likeable

Session 5-Read-Aloud: Some Character Traits Matter More Than Others, Because They Affect the Rest of the Story

Session 6-Lifting the Level of Your Writing About Reading

Session 7-Readers Consider the Pressures Acting on Characters

Session 8-Readers Reflect (On Their Novels and Their Reading Lives)

Session 9-Read-Aloud: Characters Are Often Shaped by the Mood or Atmosphere of the Setting

Session 10-Readers Attend to the Precise Language Authors Use to Describe the Setting

Session 11-Sometimes Characters Are Torn by Competing Pressures, Including the Pressures of a Place

Session 12-Settings Can Change Over Time, Not Just Physically, but Psychologically

Session 13-Read-Aloud: Characters Acting as a Group Can Wield Enormous Influence, for Good or for Evil

Session 14-Settings Also Change in Time, Often Bringing in Backstory to Develop the Character

Session 15-Readers Share Their Work and Reflect on Their Challenges and Growth