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Welcome to Room 144!

We enjoy working and learning together in our classroom. We are involved in many language-rich experiences to foster vocabulary development and early literacy skills. Our classroom is a "safe classroom". That means the children are expected to have safe hands, safe feet, and kind words. The children are expected to help each other and are learning how to become responsible, caring citizens. "We care and we share!"

Ask me where I worked today!

Here is a map of our classroom. You can use this to ask your child specific questions about where he/she worked today. For example: "Tell me what was in the sensory table today." "Who did you sit by during snack?" "What story did your teacher read today?" "Tell me what you did at the circle table today." "Did you work at the science area? Did you use the magnifying glasses? What else did you look at?" "Did you look at books or listen to a story on a CD? What was the story about?" "Did you work at the writing center? Tell me about the picture you drew or the letters you wrote." "What color playdoh did you work with?"

Classroom Management Plan

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Morning Indoor Schedule

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Morning Outdoor Schedule

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Afternoon Indoor Schedule

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Afternoon Outdoor Schedule

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