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May There Always Be.....

May 18, 2020 We read Jim Gill's book, "May There Always Be Sunshine" during Zoom this morning. Boys and girls may share their drawings of what they would always like for there to be here....
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Bye Bye Butterflies!

May 18, 2020
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We have Painted Lady Butterflies!!

May 15, 2020 Three butterflies emerged Thursday afternoon! 
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DonorsChoose Gift for Our Students!!

May 13, 2020 DonorsChoose has given us an amazing gift for our students! Please look at these pictures and choose item(s) for your child. Send Mrs. Fuhrmann an email to let her know which items your child would like. (NOTE: These are screenshot/photos of Walmart's website.
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Mat Man on the Go!

May 11, 2020 Today we read "Mat Man on the Go" during Zoom School and then drew pictures of Mat Man together. 
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Unifix Cube Fun

May 6, 2020 Show us the fun you are having with unifix cubes found in your ELC home learning packet!
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