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Google classroom codes

If there is an extended period of time that school is closed I will post assignments in designated google classrooms.  

Foods 1: igpyrll

Foods 2: kqenceo

Foods 3: xjcmabd

Thank you.

Print Shop

The LHS printship is a student ran business model that is ran by the Entrepreneurship students and other student workers.  Orders and inquiries can be made to hbeck@sps186.org. 


First hour: Foods 1

Second hour: Foods 2

Third hour: Foods 3

Fourth hour: Foods 1/2

Fifth hour: Foods 1

Sixth hour: Foods 2

Seventh hour: Entrepreneurship Foundations



Late work

Late assignments for excused absences will receive 1 day for each day out.

Late assignments for students who have been present or unexcused absences will receive 50% credit for 2 days following the due date and a zero after the third day. 

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