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AP- Antigone's Family Tree

Something a bit off about her family? Notice any crosses in the branches? Have you Googled it for yourself yet? If not, here's something that will make you say, whoa! 

AP Link

If you forgot your book... (and you didn't come back to get it it....) Here's a full text of Antigone lifted off the interwebs. I'll load pictures of the book questions and discussions. This link is the play but a high school textbook, not our higher level. 

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AP Link- The Pitch

A clip to watch to go with Larry David's reading

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No Red Ink

Here's the link to join our classroom! 

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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

If you miss class, here is a link to the novel. Enjoy! 

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Copy and paste the links below to access different fairytale stories. 




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AP 437 A Rose for Emily

This is the file for the short story by William Faulkner we will be reading in class. It's 37 pages...too long to print to copy. Please read it here. Take notes as you read. 

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The Crucible Play Full Text

We are reading this play in class. If you're gone and need to catch up, click here! You may have to scroll down a bit, but this is a pdf file (yes, you can access it from your phone). Don't get left behind! 

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Need help? Go to tutoring!

Click here to see when and where you can access help from teachers and use computers to complete assignments after school! 

Classroom Management Plan 2019-20

This is my classroom management plan for this year. I will give you a copy of the plan in class, but you can look at it or print it off here if you need to have a copy.

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What are you currently reading?

Mrs. Corcoran, the LHS Librarian, has made these neat signs for you to use to show what you are currently reading. Students can make a copy of the Google Doc, add their own information, print it in the library or at home and post it on their lockers. Share what great books you're reading with others. Readers are leaders! 

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Elements of a Short Story

Here are the notes from class that outline the elements of a short story. 

The Absolutely True Diary of A Part Time Indian

335 Students... Here's the book. It is not the world's best copy, but it is a PDF file. You'll have to scroll to find what the chapter is. You'll need to know the title of the chapter because there are not any page numbers on the file pages. 

Literacy Glossary

This document gives all terminology for terms related to literacy in our district K-12. Students in my classes will be required to know terms that are related to our text. We are will cover terms in class.

The Scarlet Letter Full Text Link

Forget your book at school? Here's a link to the full text online. 

SSR Directions

Click here for SSR directions!

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