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5Essentials Survey

The 5Essentials Parent, Teacher and Student Surveys are now open.  All surveys are open until February 14, 2020. 


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Carolina Science Online Textbook

The current online text book can be accessed at the following website:


Username: Lunch pin

Password: carolina (lower case)

IMSA Homepage

IMSA Fusion and High School

Science Fair Manual

Science Fair Policy and Procedure Manual - The official resource for your Science Fair project.

Science Fair Resources

Gifted classes will begin working on Science Fair in September. Please check the Science Fair resources listed in the resource section of my web page. Refer to the IJAS manual to help guide you through the project process. Much of the work will be done in class, however, the student is ultimately responsible for completing the project by FEBRUARY 12th!!

Science Fair: Conclusion page

News Jan 12 You should have all testing and data completd for Science Fair by now....

Lesson 4: Electromagnets

News Jan 12 This week we will finish up lesson 3 with some practice on Ohm's Law. We will then continue on to lesson 4 on electromagnets. 

Science Fair Update - Final Project Board and Binder due on 2/10

News Jan 4 All Review of Literatures have been edited. You are responsible for correcting those edits....

All Classes: Lesson 3 Resistors

News Dec 31 After a brief review on the 3rd, we will begin an investigation into lesson 3 and resistors. Labs are coming.

Science Fair Day 1/3 "ALL ABOUT THE DATA"

News Dec 31 We will be discussing what to do with experimental data. You must have your data in table format but also include the...

REVIEW OF LIT DUE ON 12/15 -Extra help available!

News Dec 8 Gifted students must submit three complete pages of their Review of Literature by midnight on December 15th....

Electricity Unit - All Classes

News Dec 8 We have begun a unit of study for electricity, waves, and informational transfer. Please log into Carolinascienceonline.com to view the textbook. Look ahead and view the labs that we will be doing in class!

Science Fair work on 11/25

News Nov 23 Gifted classes will spend the three days before Thanksgiving writing their Review of Literature. Definitely thankful for this time!!! A rough draft of three completed pages is due on Dec 15 via Google Classroom.

New Notebooks Needed - New unit begins Dec. 2nd

News Nov 23 All classes will begin the Electricity unit on December 2nd. If you have not turned in all your notebooks to Mrs. Adams, please bring a new one on Monday the 2nd.

Parent Help is Appreciated! Science Fair Help Needed

News Nov 17 Science Fair work is overwhelming even with the best of situations. Please email me at jadams@sps186....

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