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Water Balloon Fight!

May 25, 2017 Students' names were drawn from the school's teacher auction to have a water balloon fight with Mrs. Isaacks and Mrs. Butcher.  Everyone had a great time!!!
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May 21, 2015 Our class has been studying how volcanoes form and how they erupt. We created our own and had a blast making them erupt.
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Earth Day!!

Apr 23, 2015 We helped clean up the front of the school by pulling weeds and putting down mulch to help make Jane Addams a more beautiful place!
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We've got chicks!!!

Mar 16, 2015 Our classroom again partnered with the University of Illinois Extension Office's Embryology Program. We learned about the parts of eggs and the development of animals. We hatched 10 out of our 12 eggs!
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Tar Wars

Sep 25, 2014 Visitors from SIU School of Medicine came to talk to the students about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes.
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Friday Free Time Activities

Sep 25, 2014
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Beginning of the Year

Aug 22, 2014 Here are the students in Room 132!!!! We are already working hard this year!
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