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Visual Arts Materials Needed

WelCoMe to STUDIO ART class! First of all I want to thank you for signing up for your child for art. The class will focus on not only the design elements and principles so that you are successful in creating your personal expressive works of art but with the skills and understanding of how to use color, balance, techniques and compositional design.

For students taking art at GMS, (the best middle school ever), students are asked to pay a $5.00 lab free to help sustain the consumable items used throughout the year. The inks, glue, erasers, drawing pencils, clay and glazes cost quite a bit of money and every penny will go back into THEIR class!

Also, I will need everyone to bring a pencil and an eraser to class eVeRY dAy, their planners and a book to read. Although this year we are on an A/B schedule, your student will have art throughout the entire year! The benefit of this is that all students will have a chance of submitting their work to be selected to show in the prestigous Scholastic Art Awards in January.

Eighth graders are required to have a sketchbook. A list of weekly assignments due at the end of each quarter will be given to the students on the first day of each quarter. They may work on them at their own pace.

Welcome to the VisUal Arts!!

Your artwork is challenging and I get that! So ask yourself some questions before ever making a work of art, ok? To consider the quality of your work ask yourself "How could I present an emotional impact in my work?" After all, art is made to stir our emotions and make us say "That is so cool!". To encourage new learning and pushing yourself, ask reflective questions and make sure you have a sound understanding of the skills needed to create a sculpture or pastel drawing. Just don't forget that art is fascinating and that I can't wait to meet you and watch your your talents grow!!! Ms. DeLong ... Have a Happy
New Year!

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