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March 24, 2020

Bet you thought I forgot about you guys today…NOPE, I am still here.

Mrs. Appenzeller and I have figured some things out.  We are going to be utilizing google classroom starting next week to distribute some assignments.  Mrs. Appenzeller has attempted to contact each of you via a google voice phone call.  Please be sure you are logging in to you school email (that’s your Gmail account).  You will be receiving communication through the Gmail application. We are also going to be having a class meeting on Monday at 10:00am.  Please check for an invitation to a “zoom” meeting.  Zoom is an internet-based tool for holding remote meetings.  You will have received instructions on how that works and how you will be able to participate.  Please email either of us with questions.  This is a new platform for all of us.  Your teachers and administrators are using this tool to meet during the week as well.  It is pretty fun.

Best thing so far…A student reached out to me today, asking how much longer schools would be closed.  I, of course, don’t know the answer to that question.  The student said that they didn’t really like school, but being at home was super boring.  No sports, no anything.  Then the student went on to say they’d rather be in school.  To be honest, we’d rather be there too.  This is boring, not a lot of interaction.  It is very hard to stay motivated.

When this is all over, hopefully we will realize that we thrive on personal connections and friendships.  That extends to EVERYONE.  So, when you are feeling like you are bored and lonely, think about that student who gets bullied, picked on and is in isolation because no-one will reach out to him or her when we aren’t quarantined.  That student may feel like this always.  We need to remember to be kind. It really is that simple.  Ask people how they are doing or say hello. You could be the difference maker in that person’s life.

You guys have greatness in you. Strive to achieve it.

Stay healthy and safe.  Remember to wash your hands and then wash them again. 

Mr. D.