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Music Assignment on Canvas/SeeSaw November 3-6th!

News Nov 2 Here is a fun nature activity! I encourage you to go outside and just LISTEN....

Parent/Teacher Conferences

News Oct 26 Dear Parents/Guardians: Each year at this time, the opportunity for Parent/Teacher Conferences is provided...


Blog May 28 I just wanted to say "Way to go!!" We made it to summer....

End of the Year To Do List for Families!

News May 18 Hello Families! Feitshans Elementary School is preparing for our parents/guardians to return technology devices...

Report Card Statement

News May 15 Students will not receive a grade lower than the grade they received for grading period 2....

Music Assignment #6 (May 18-22)

Resources May 13 It's Hand Wash Dance time! 1. Create your own dance about washing your hands. 2. Upload/email an audio recording or text back 

Music Assignment #5 (May11-15)

Resources May 6 Hello! Last week, we enjoyed checking out different sounds around us.  This week, let's come up with a song using everyday objects around us (like tapping different tupperwa

Music Assignment #4 (May 4-8)

Resources May 3 Here is a fun nature activity! I encourage you to go outside and just LISTEN. It is incredible what we miss in our everyday hustle & bustle (like listening to the trees blowing in the wind, or

State Mandates Use of Masks

News Apr 27 Personal Protective Equipment  State Mandates Use of Masks Effective May 1, Illinois residents over the age...

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