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4th and 5th Grade Week of 5/18

May 12, 2020

Op Art - Due May 20th

This week we will learn about Op Art, which is short for Optical art.  It's creating optical illusion!  So fun!

Supplies Needed:

  1. Paper

  2. Something to draw with

  3. Something to color with

Project Steps:

  1. Gather your supplies

  2. Click on the video

  3. Draw with me! (pause the video when you need more time)

  4. Take a picture of your art

  5. Turn your art in to the google doc.

Click here to watch the video

You can click on the link in the description under the video to turn in your art to the google doc or you can return to this page to find the link.  If you are having trouble submitting your art to the google doc please let me know.  I will help you figure out how to do it! (in the pictures you will find steps for submitting with a computer or an iPad)

4th grade Click here to turn your art in.

5th grade CLICK HERE to turn your art in.

This project is due May 20th