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3rd Grade week of 4/13-4/17

April 10, 2020

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was a American painter who is well known for his pop art depictions of everyday objects. His paintings are instantly recognizable as he often simulated the Ben-Day dot patterns present in the commercial printing of comic books, newspapers, and other mainstream media.

“Pop Art looks out into the world. It doesn’t look like a painting of something, it looks like the thing itself.”— Roy Lichtenstein

Watch this short biography about Roy Lichtenstein to learn more about him:  Lichtenstein Biography


1. Look at Lichtenstein's Girl with Hair Ribbon (seen here)

Girl with Hair Ribbon.pdf

2. Print out this link: Girl with Hair Ribbon  

3.  Using markers (or anything you can find), add color to the art. Think about solid areas of color vs. areas with dot patterns. You can follow Lichtenstein's style if you wish, or get creative and use different colors, switch up the dot vs. solid areas, and let your imagination go wild. If your child is having fun, they could repeat the project trying it a different way each time.

4. If you are not able to print this image you can use any image from a coloring book.  Just be sure to color it in Lichtenstein's style!  If you don't have a coloring book either simply draw your own portrait (picture of a person) and color it in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.  

5. Submit your lesson here:  Send me a photograph of your design by submitting right here** (click on message under my name on the left-hand side - Your student will need to be logged in), or use class dojo, or email me at jerobinson@sps186.org (if you cannot get a photograph submitted I will accept a written description of your artwork)

**This is my preferred method to receive your child's work.

Art work is due by Friday April, 17th