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Illinois Arts Learning Standards, and How Your Student Will Receive ART Grades

Dear Families, 

In accordance with the Illinois Arts Learning Standards for Visual Arts, the District #186 elementary Visual Arts educators will provide lessons which address the following standards:

     CREATE: Anchor Standard 1: [Students will] Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. 

     RESPOND: Anchor Standard 7: [Students will] Perceive and analyze artistic work. 

     CONNECT: Anchor Standard 10: [Students will] Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experience to make art.

Grade-Specific lesson plans and videos of me giving instruction will be posted on my webpage each week.  Your student's lesson will be available by the Tuesday of that week.  Use the Lesson Plan tab on the side of this page to find the lessons.  Click on the link for your child's grade level.  

Grades will be given for work "turned in". This means that each Friday, I will be taking grades for emailed or "messaged" photos of finished assignments.

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts you'd like to share... and, as always, THANK YOU for continuing to support your student's arts education. 

- Mrs. Robinson

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Learning Standards

School Supplies

We need some SUPPLIES!

If anyone has extra plastic containers such as cottage tubs, margarine tubs, or plastic coffee containers I would like them for class. We will be doing clay gargoyles soon and the students need plastic containers to keep their clay moist.