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Attendance check-in

Click here and answer your daily question for attendance.

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I am pleased to be working with your student at Douglas School. My intention is to make parental contact once a week, although it doesn't always happen. So, please feel free to contact me as necessary at jhamann@sps186.org.  

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Special Education Attendant

Our classroom is lucky to have our own full-time attendant. Ms. Marie works specifically with each student to meet individual needs. She has been at Douglas School for 21 years. Ms. Marie is back in our room again this year.

5/21/20 - Attendance Check-In

Attendance check in May 20 Today is the last official day of class. I can hardly belive it! I'm going to try and find a way to deliver your...

5/21/20 - SEL

Social Emotional Learning - SEL May 20 Read "Closure in the Darkness" at http://readworks.org.  How to get students to their assignments 1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student 2. Students enter class code W2DWVZ

5/20/20 - Attendance Check-In

Attendance check in May 20 What are your plans for summer? I know that things may be different, but do you have anything planned?

5/20/20 - History

History May 19 Login in to http://readworks.org and read "Our Changing Earth: Plate Tectonics and Large-Scale System Interactions." Once you are finished complete the questions set. 

5/20/20 - Health

PE/Health May 19 Login to http://readworks.org and read "Pick Your Portion." After you finish reading answer the question set. 

5/19/20 - Attendance Check-In Important Information Below

Attendance check in May 18 PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH YOUR PARENT AND TELL ME THAT YOU DID FOR CHECK-IN TODAY! Chromebook Drop Off Directions All devices  - chromebook and/or hot spot – should be returned on the following dates and times

5/19/20 - Science

Science May 18 For science today you can explore  https://spaceplace.nasa.gov or  http://explore.com. Try and explore both sites and some

5/19/20 - Reading

Reading May 18 Login to readworks and read the two passages and answer the question set.    How to get students to their assignments 1. Have students go to www.readworks.org/student 2. Students enter cla

5/18/20 - Attendance Check-In

Attendance check in May 15 Today is YOUR LAST MONDAY of class. Can you believe it? Tell me something about your weekend. 

5/18/20 - Spelling/Writing

Spelling/Writing May 15 Click on this link spelling to complete your spelling lesson today. Login as usual to with your provided user name and password.  Once there you will have to follow these additional instructions as my acct. has expire

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