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Welcome to the studio - please wear your thinking cap!

The art room is our studio - a place to make things - but it is also a place to learn ways of thinking that will help you in everything you do and learn.

Did you know creating is thought to be one of the highest forms of thinking?

Harvard University was interested in what children are learning in an art classroom. They found that the best teachers give students chances to grow in eight important ways. These ways of thinking are the same ones that artists learn in their studios. I love these ways of thinking because I am an artist and have spent many learning hours in the studio. In fact, I have a college degree in studio art! Here is Harvard's framework for learning.

Studio Thinking

1. Develop Craft
Learning to use and care for tools and materials. Learning artistic techniques (e.g., perspective, color mixing).

2. Engage & Persist
Learn to thoughtfully tackle projects that teach us about how art is made or that express ourselves. To focus in the special way needed to make art, and to keep going with a project.

3. Envision
Learning to picture in your mind something that cannot be seen. Imagining possible next steps in making an artwork.

4. Express
Learning to create works that show an idea, a feeling, or a personal meaning.

5. Observe
Learning to look very carefully, to see things that you usually would not notice.

6. Reflect
Question & Explain: Learning to think and talk with others about artwork and how you or they made it.
Evaluate: Learning to judge your own work according to what you wanted to achieve, and according to how well you solved an art problem.

7. Stretch & Explore
Learning to challenge yourself, to explore playfully without knowing how something will turn out, and to understand how mistakes and accidents are wonderful teachers.

8. Understand Art World
Learning about art history and how artists work today.
Learning to interact as an artist with other artists, in the classroom and beyond.

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