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Nitro Type

Typing-racing game

Quizlet 41-50

This quiz let only really has 9 words (one of them is a repeat on your spelling list)

11-20 (2)

Second set of words

1-10 (2) Quizlet

This is the start of the second group of words!

download 50 Words Adults Misspell

Each week there will be a 10 point vocabulary assessment. Study ahead of time and ace the pre-test so that you don't have to take the post-test on Friday!
9/1-9/5 : 1-10
9/8-9/12: 11-20
9/15-9/19: 21-30
9/22-9/25: 31-40
9/29-10/3: 41-50

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014 lesson

How to Write a Thank You Letter

Here are some helpful websites!