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What are "Snap Words", Word Wall Words" and "High Frequency Words?"

Students in grades K-2 work with what are called Snap Words (or Word Wall Words or high frequency words) each day. Your child is responsible for being able to read each of the word wall words within 3 seconds (without sounding them out). They should be able to read them "in a snap". Students are also expected to be able to write the word wall words when given by the teacher (without looking at a copy). Some ideas for practicing include placing cards with the words around your home and every time your child sees one of the words, have him/her read it. Make 2 sets (on cards) of word wall words and use them to play Memory with your child. Be sure your child reads the word when he/she turns one over.

"My Child Doesn't Like to Read!"

If your child is struggling with reading, isn't interested in reading, or you are just looking for some suggested titles of books, always feel free to contact me! I can talk with you and help find resources for you. Reading and teaching children to read and write is my passion. I also have a list of titles of books in which struggling readers are often interested - to help build the love of reading!


Fluency is a very important part of reading. Fluency is not just reading "fast". It is reading like we talk, with that rate and expression. Therefore, fluency is reading at an appropriate rate, with accuracy, and using expression. Fluency in reading begins at a young age, including being able to quickly name the alphabet letters when given in random order. Students need to build fluency in reading, writing, and math!

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