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Pumpkin carving 2019

Photos Oct 15 Students worked together and came up with a plan to create the perfect jack-o-lantern. They worked well together in small groups and the results were pretty amazing.

4th grade field trip to UIS soccer fields

Photos Oct 9 Our 4th graders, along with all of the other 4th graders in the district, went on a field trip to the UIS soccer fields, sponsored by Hyvee.

The 2018/2019 School Year

Photos Jun 3 End of the year activities.

Microscopic learning

Photos Jan 25 Students looked at different parts of a honey bee under a microscope.

Site # 4

SCIENCE! Jan 22 What can Scientist do with microscopes?

Site #3

SCIENCE! Jan 22 Is a honey bee a plant or animal?

Site # 2

SCIENCE! Jan 22 Scientific Name of a Honey Bee

Site #1

SCIENCE! Jan 22 Honey Bee pictures

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