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1900 Art Gallery Exhibit

Every School in Springfield School District #186, elementary through high school will have one student art work to represent their school. Thursday March , 2020 will be a fun night celebrating students and their art at Grant Middle School. The art work will then be on displaly for a year at 1900. 

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Art Is Exceptional Art Display at the Springfield Art Association

Attention Lee School and Harvard Park Elementary! Gallery reception and art show wil be Early March 2020 for Springfield Public School District #186 art students who have exceptional art work and are entered into this show.  

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Harvard Park Artists

Harvard Park Music Show and Art Display ~ December 2019.                                                                                


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Lee School Artists

Springfield Public School District #186 Visual Arts Program and The Sringfield Art Association were pleased to have the ART IS EXCEPTIONAL art show 2018. This was an art exhibit in early March celebrating artistic accomplishments. Congratulations to the 12 students who represented Lee School.  

How To Use Scissors ~ Tips for Regular Ed. (Lefties Too), Special Ed. & Special Needs

News 2 days ago There are many ways to hold and cut with scissors; this is one way that works extremely well....

Scissor Safety

News 2 days ago Scissor safety first; here are tips that may help:  1). When walking with scissors, aways have the sharp extensions together and pointing down towards floor.  (When you walk with scissors pointed towards your stomach - 

How to Draw Clothes On Your Balloon Kid, Double Wide Stick Kid, or Other Styles of Drawing People

News 4 days ago What are some clothes you particularly like? What are some activities that you need different types of  shoes...

How To Draw A Balloon Kid

News 5 days ago There are many ways to draw people; this is just one way. After you have learned how to draw stick people with moving...

Contour Line Drawing of Shoe / Shoes ~ 1st / 2nd grades, 3rd - 5th grades, & Sp. Ed. / Sp. Needs

News 6 days ago What kind of shoes do you wear? Perhaps you own tennis shoes, sandles, boots, slippers, and perhaps shoes for when you...

Study.Com Definition: A Contour LINE Drawing

News 7 days ago Contour Line: in art it is a line that defines  an edge or form. Contour Line Drawing: the artist only draws the lines that follow the visible edges o

Wikipedia Definition: A Contour Drawing

News 7 days ago "Contour drawing, is an artistic technique used in the field of art in which the artist sketches the style of a subject by drawing lines that result in a drawing that is essentially an outline. The purpose of contour drawing is to emphasise the mass

Drawing A Page Full of Tiny Single Line Stick Figure People Showing Arm & Leg Movement

News Mar 28 To show arm and leg movement they move at joints, otherwise the bones are drawn straight....

How to Draw A "Double Wide Stick Kid"

News Mar 27 Lots of ways to do do this. You may draw your own version of a stick kid - then add extra line near other line ( = ) .   Or you may follow these directions for help.  1.) Draw oval vertical head  ( 0 ) .  May angle head or

Draw "Super Hero Fighting Coronavirus!" - A Great Idea From My Art Friend

News Mar 26 Dear Students, Art Teachers are communicating to each thorugh text groups and Zoom! District 186 Art Teacher (Mrs....

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