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If a Substitute/ Guest Teacher Day

Any of these lessons scrolling down the middle of page may be used (chosen by guest teacher / students).  May pick any one of these lessons; just press" load more" at the bottom to see even more to choose from - may even choose the "Do Your Own Thing Lesson."  Then save and submit to me - your art teacher next class. Thanks, You ALL rock!

The SIU Medical School Art Show

SIU Medical School Art Show in Sprinfield is a wonderful art show that is held across the street from the Memorial Hospital in Springfield. It is a show for elementary, middle school, junior high, and high school students from all Sangamon County Schools. It is a display open to the public and shows the medical students what exceptional art work looks like across all grades. 

Due to the corona virus, the show was canceled last Spring of 2020. It is with high hopes we will see the show again Spring of 2021. It is a wonderful show. Thank you to SIU Medical School and to all students who have participated in this show in the past, and to those who would have attended this past spring (a warm shout out of congratulations of great art work to those who would have gone to this show Spring 2020). Your teachers had your art picked out and were ready to send in for this juried show. 

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1900 Art Gallery Exhibit

Every School in Springfield School District #186, elementary through high school will have one student art work to represent their school.  This past March 2020 there was a great evening celebrating students and their art at Grant Middle School. The art work is currently on display for a year at 1900; then it will be returend to those students.  Congratulations to those students who represent so well. We are very proud of you and your accomplishments!

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Harvard Park Artists

Harvard Park Music Show and Art Display was this past December 2019.  It was a wonderful evening; we were very proud of each one of you.  This muscial show and art display for 2020 -2021 will be discussed during the school year.                                                                              


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Art Is Exceptional Art Show

Springfield Public School District #186 Visual Arts Program and The Sringfield Art Association were pleased to have the ART IS EXCEPTIONAL Art Show in March 2020. The art work from this show is now returned to District #186, and may be shown beginning of fall 2020 - 2021 school year; it will then be returned to students who participated in this show from Lee School and Harvard Park. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your work was absolutely stunning. So beautiful! 

Return of Student Art Work Information from 2019 -2020 School Year

News May 27 End of School Year Art Information:  All of Mrs. Borjon's 5th grade student's personal art work are...

End of School Year Selfie / "Pat on The Back" / Job Well Done (Everyone!)

News May 26 What does your smile look like at the end of the school year? So proud of you....

Photography Tip #4; Person Leaning On The Side of A Tree At The Edge of The Photo - 4th & 5th Grades (And More)

News May 22 This is an easy outdoor photo of a person that is generally very successful. You may use a regular camera or a cell phone camera (or you may draw this instead).  Have a child or adult pose for you leaning on the side of a tree. You may "FRAME" the pictu

Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 18 -22

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Photography Tip #3; "Frame" The TOP And One SIDE of Photo With Leaves / Tree Bark (3rd, 4th, 5th Grades, & Higher)

News May 21  For a Pleasing Outdoor Photo, one route to a successful picture (photography, drawing, painting too) is to show leaves / branches on the top or on one side of the photo. You may also show the bark of the tree one one side with the b

Creative Exploration PAINTING (brush/sponge/or tissue...) WITH TEA ~All Grades - Reg. Ed., Special Ed,, & Special Needs

News May 20 Throughout the ages, creative use of natural materials were used and explored....

Photography Tip #2; Raise or Lower The Horizon Line (All Ages / Grades; Regular Education)

News May 19 CELL PHONE OR REGULAR CAMERA (MAY DRAW INSTEAD OF USING A CAMERA)  TO CREATE AN OUTDOOR PICTURE MORE PLEASING BY RAISING OR LOWERING THE HORIZON LINE. The horizon line is where ground meets sky, or water meets sky, or buildings line meet sky. 

Create A Face With Food or Containers Holding Food (All Grades; Regular Education, Special Education, & Special Needs)

News May 18 FOOD FUN for everyone (with parent permission). May make your face on the kitchen counter, a table, or the floor. It may be big or small in overall size.  It becomes a 3-Dimensional Relief as it is raised up off the floor, counter, or table. The

Photography Tip #1; Look For Opportune Moments ~ After The Storm Rainbow (All Grades, Regular Education & Sp.Education)


Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 11 - 15

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