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2019 - 2020

Return of Student Art Work Information from 2019 -2020 School Year  May 27
End of School Year Selfie / "Pat on The Back" / Job Well Done (Everyone!)  May 26
Photography Tip #4; Person Leaning On The Side of A Tree At The Edge of The Photo - 4th & 5th Grades (And More)  May 22
Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 18 -22  May 21
Photography Tip #3; "Frame" The TOP And One SIDE of Photo With Leaves / Tree Bark (3rd, 4th, 5th Grades, & Higher)  May 21
Creative Exploration PAINTING (brush/sponge/or tissue...) WITH TEA ~All Grades - Reg. Ed., Special Ed,, & Special Needs  May 20
Photography Tip #2; Raise or Lower The Horizon Line (All Ages / Grades; Regular Education)  May 19
Create A Face With Food or Containers Holding Food (All Grades; Regular Education, Special Education, & Special Needs)  May 18
Photography Tip #1; Look For Opportune Moments ~ After The Storm Rainbow (All Grades, Regular Education & Sp.Education)  May 15
Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 11 - 15  May 15
"LINE" Art Project for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, & 3rd Grade (Also Great For Kindergarten) `/=_- ~"','-  May 14
Combine Features of Different ANIMALS To Create A New Species (Regular Education: 2nd & 3rd Grades / 4th & 5th Grades)  May 13
Use NATURE To Create A Work Of Art (All Ages & Grades; Regular Education, Special Education, & Special Needs)  May 12
MUSICAL LINES ~ Listen & Feel Different Music And Respond With Line Drawn, (All Grades / Reg. Ed., Sp. Ed, Sp. Needs)  May 11
An Art Therapy Technique For EVERYONE Using Your Sense of Smell :>) ~ Includes YOUR DOODLE ART  May 8
Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 4 -8  May 8
The Sun As A Light Source / Outdoor Project - 5th & 4th Grades Regular Education Classes  May 7
HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE PLAYDOUGH (For All Ages / Grades; Regular Education, Special Education, & Special Needs)  May 6
POSITVE & NEGATIVE SPACE - 3rd Grade (2nd Grade, 4th Grade, & 5th Grade May Also Do This Project)  May 5
MAGAZINE / NEWSPAPER COLLAGE (All Grades / Regular, Special Education, & Special Needs  May 4
SIDEWALK CHALK - Fun For Everyone (All Grades / Ages - Regular Education, Special Education & Special Needs)  May 1
Searching For The Name of The Rainbow - 1st Grade (Also good for Kindergarten, All Other Grades, Sp. Ed. / Sp. Needs)  Apr 30
Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Leaning, Week of April 27 - May 1  Apr 29
"CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN," Simplified One Point Perspective Project ~ 4th & 5th Grades (3rd Grade may do too if they wish).  Apr 29
"SIZE" USING TOYS ~ 3rd & 4th Grades (Also fine for 2nd Grade and Special Education / Special Needs)  Apr 28
BUILD A TOWER (All Grades, Regular Education, Special Ed., & Sp. Needs) ~Get parent permission~  Apr 27
Watercolor Paint For Life Skills Classes / Special Education - Special Needs (Do Your Own Thing Painting Project)  Apr 24
Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of April 20 - 24  Apr 23
How to Use & Clean Paint Brushes Plus Watercolor Paint Tray Sets (Includes Watercolor Mixing Project). All Grades / Ages  Apr 23
Contour Glue "Line" Project For Outdoor Picture - 2nd Grade (Other grades too if they wish)  Apr 22
Variety of Raised Glue Line Project: 1st Grade & Special Education / Sp. Needs (Also Great for Kindergarten & 2nd Grade)  Apr 21
Life Skills Special Education Art - Lowenfelds's Different Stages Of Scribbling / Self Expression / Art Therapy  Apr 20
Do Your Own Thing Project. This Great Time for Art Time with Grandparents, Siblings, and Caretaker  Apr 20
The Art Principles of Design Vocabulary Words Written to Show What They Mean; 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Project  Apr 17
Student / Parent Reminder for Remote Learning, Week of April 14 - 17  Apr 16
The Art Elements Vocabulary Words Written To Show What They Mean; 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Project  Apr 16
ART CRITICISM: Using the Right Tools to Talk about Art (Guide for Adults to Help Student in Response and Connections).  Apr 16
The Fundamentals of Art: Elements and Principles (Vocabulary of Art) - IMPORTANT For Response & How to Make Art Work  Apr 16
Illinois Arts Learning Standards & How Your Student Will Receive Art Participation Assessment Thru Remote Learning  Apr 14
Color Wheel With Found Objects At Home (Lesson Plan For ALL Ages / Grades)  Apr 14
How To Use Scissors ~ Tips for Regular Ed. (Lefties Too), Special Ed. & Special Needs  Apr 3
Scissor Safety  Apr 2
How to Draw Clothes On Your Balloon Kid, Double Wide Stick Kid, or Other Styles of Drawing People; For All Grades  Apr 1
How To Draw A Balloon Kid - For All Grades  Mar 31
Contour Line Drawing of Shoe / Shoes ~ 1st / 2nd grades, 3rd - 5th grades, & Sp. Ed. / Sp. Needs  Mar 30
Study.Com Definition: A Contour LINE Drawing  Mar 29
Wikipedia Definition: A Contour Drawing  Mar 29
Drawing A Page Full of Tiny Single Line Stick Figure People Showing Arm & Leg Movement - For All Grades  Mar 28
How to Draw A "Double Wide Stick Kid" - For All Grades  Mar 27
Draw "Super Hero Fighting Coronavirus!" - For All Grades  Mar 26
Drawing with Mo Willems / Children's Book Illustrator  Mar 25
Fun Line Stitches At Home Using A Sewing Machine With Parental Supervision (A By The Orchard Story ~ Mrs. Borjon)  Mar 24
A Fun Creativity Project ~Find In A Blog Listed In Lesson Plans; All Grades, Plus Special Education  Mar 24
Sewing Medical Face Masks During Corona Virus Crisis  Mar 23

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