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Parent Teacher Conferences for ART; Nov. 6th & 9th

Nov 6, 2020 Art Parent - Teacher Conferences may be scheduled with me, your art teacher - Mrs. Borjon during regular school day hours Friday, November 6th, or from  8:00 to 2:30 p.m.  &  5:00 - 8:00 p.m. on Monday, November 9th to set up a convienent time to zoom.  :) You may contact me through my email - joborjo@sps186.org      

Guest Teacher for Harvard Park 11/04, 11/10 & Lee School 11/05; Art Day Video for Sub: 1st Thru 5th Grades - Marionettes

Nov 3, 2020 Dear Guest Teacher for my Sub Art Day, this is my art video: "1st - 5th Grade; Marionettes."  https://youtu.be/MF7N70Spkqc This video is also on my art canvas page listed under "Videos" in each grades canvas site. There is also a written lesson for Marionettes when a student presses the art canvas button, "Lessons."  Students may do the extra credit for this lesson if they choose. READ MORE

Return of Student Art Work Information from 2019 -2020 School Year

May 27, 2020 End of School Year Art Information:  All of Mrs. Borjon's 5th grade student's personal art work are stapled into sketchbooks (and any matted work not handed out yet from school year) are with students personal belongings at Lee School & Harvard Park Elementary that are being handed out as computers are returned. Any work not picked up will be stored to be handed out beginning of the upcoming school year (as the Coronavirus permits). READ MORE

End of School Year Selfie / "Pat on The Back" / Job Well Done (Everyone!)

May 26, 2020 What does your smile look like at the end of the school year? So proud of you. With a regular camera, self phone camera, or drawing ~ Photograph or draw yourself (or someone may take a picture of  you) to mark this special occasion  - YOU.  You are special, and we want to celebrate the person you are, and acknowledge all the hard work you did this school year at school and through remote learning. The Coronavius has made this year one that will go down in the history books. READ MORE

Photography Tip #4; Person Leaning On The Side of A Tree At The Edge of The Photo - 4th & 5th Grades (And More)

May 22, 2020 This is an easy outdoor photo of a person that is generally very successful. You may use a regular camera or a cell phone camera (or you may draw this instead).  Have a child or adult pose for you leaning on the side of a tree. You may "FRAME" the picture with the tree bark on one SIDE, and branches / leaves on TOP of the photo.  Try several pictures using this technique at different distances. READ MORE

Student / Parent Reminder For Remote Learning, Week of May 18 -22

May 21, 2020 If you ae new or familiar to this website - I am glad you are here.  Please do one lesson of your choice every week from me - your art teacher (from this week or past weeks) from this website - art teacher, Mrs. Borjon. Then email me at my school's email:  joborjo@sps186. READ MORE

Photography Tip #3; "Frame" The TOP And One SIDE of Photo With Leaves / Tree Bark (3rd, 4th, 5th Grades, & Higher)

May 21, 2020  For a Pleasing Outdoor Photo, one route to a successful picture (photography, drawing, painting too) is to show leaves / branches on the top or on one side of the photo. You may also show the bark of the tree one one side with the branches / leaves on top; try to show only a portion of the width of tree (bark on the tree). READ MORE

Creative Exploration PAINTING (brush/sponge/or tissue...) WITH TEA ~All Grades - Reg. Ed., Special Ed,, & Special Needs

May 20, 2020 Throughout the ages, creative use of natural materials were used and explored. Cave art was painted / scrapped / blown on with materials that were available. In parts of Aftrica, bark is boiled for a long time to make black medium to print onto material for clothes. Famous artists of the Renaissance made their own paints. READ MORE

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