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How To Use Scissors ~ Tips for Regular Ed. (Lefties Too), Special Ed. & Special Needs

6 days ago There are many ways to hold and cut with scissors; this is one way that works extremely well. To hold the scissors, put the smaller hole in handle with your thumb in it; your two fingers next to your thumb (or 3 fingers if needed in large scissors) go into the bigger hole in handle of scissors. When cutting, your full tumb nail is seen pointed up towards ceiling (more difficult if you turn thumb in). READ MORE

Scissor Safety

6 days ago Scissor safety first; here are tips that may help:  1). When walking with scissors, aways have the sharp extensions together and pointing down towards floor.  (When you walk with scissors pointed towards your stomach - you may trip and hurt your tummy;  when you walk with scissors pointed up - you may trip and hurt your chin, when you walk with scissors pointed out - you may trip and hurt someone else).  2). READ MORE

How to Draw Clothes On Your Balloon Kid, Double Wide Stick Kid, or Other Styles of Drawing People

Apr 1, 2020 What are some clothes you particularly like? What are some activities that you need different types of  shoes, hats, clothing? What about when you play outside, when you sleep, when you go to school, when you go play a sport with a team, when you go to a wedding? How does clothes change for you depending on the season? What do people in other countries around the world wear; what are some cultural clothing around the world? What clothing does you parent's READ MORE

How To Draw A Balloon Kid

Mar 31, 2020 There are many ways to draw people; this is just one way. After you have learned how to draw stick people with moving stick arms (at wrist, elbow, shoulder) plus moving legs (at ankles, knee, and hip joints above legs), then you are ready to learn how to draw a balloon kid. The great thing about balloon kids is that it will look more real than the double wide stick kid, or the regular stick kid. READ MORE

Contour Line Drawing of Shoe / Shoes ~ 1st / 2nd grades, 3rd - 5th grades, & Sp. Ed. / Sp. Needs

Mar 30, 2020 What kind of shoes do you wear? Perhaps you own tennis shoes, sandles, boots, slippers, and perhaps shoes for when you are going to somewhere nice. Maybe you have soccer, swim or ballet shoes? Designers created them for many different occasions and functions. Did you know designing shoes is an art profession / an art job? Some clothing designers will design an outfit and design a purse, belt , or shoes to go with it. READ MORE

Study.Com Definition: A Contour LINE Drawing

Mar 29, 2020 Contour Line: in art it is a line that defines  an edge or form. Contour Line Drawing: the artist only draws the lines that follow the visible edges of a shape as well as those along the important interior shapes. Blind Contour Drawing: artists draw contour lines without looking at page or pencil. An example found on web is a famous contour line dawing by Pablo Picasso of composer Igor Stravishy, 1920.

Wikipedia Definition: A Contour Drawing

Mar 29, 2020 "Contour drawing, is an artistic technique used in the field of art in which the artist sketches the style of a subject by drawing lines that result in a drawing that is essentially an outline. The purpose of contour drawing is to emphasise the mass and volume of the subject rather than the detail; The focus is on the shape of the subject and not the minor details. READ MORE

Drawing A Page Full of Tiny Single Line Stick Figure People Showing Arm & Leg Movement

Mar 28, 2020 To show arm and leg movement they move at joints, otherwise the bones are drawn straight. Remember arms move at shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Legs may move at bottom of hips, knee joints, and at ankles. For extra information, you may see my article on "How To Draw A Double Wide Stick Kid" (though this article is for larger figures). This project for the simple single line stick figure most people are familar with drawing. READ MORE

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