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Fun Line Stitches At Home Using A Sewing Machine With Parental Supervision (A By The Orchard Story ~ Mrs. Borjon)

March 24, 2020

Great time to learn to sew at home. Please have adult permission and supervision (as they are responsible for you); do not use the sewing marchine until your parent / custodian feels you are personally old enough and ready to begin. When using a sewing machine; practice safely first!  Do you have a parent, grandparent, care taker with a sewing machine? It's a lot of fun, but takes great patience to learn. Maybe you have someone in your family sewing homemade facial masks for Medical people during the Corona Virus?  Maybe they sew drapery or sew clothes for themselves or others? In fourth grade I (your art teacher) joined 4-H; one elective I chose was the beginning level of sewing. That first year I sewed an elastic waist skirt, a loose sleeveless blouse, and a head scarf; the highlight was learning how to model the clothes on a "runway." Before I was allowed near mom's sewing machine to sew these clothes, I got to practice with the sewing machine with my mother on extra fabric. My mother would sit next to me at the sewing machine (or stand over me). She had me practice sewing straight vertical lines at first on spare material. Because of the stitches made by thread sewing in and out of the material, in art it would be called a "broken line."  Try making repeated lines by sewing straight, vertical lines. Make them in rows. When you are able to do this well, then draw with chalk or other medium very long soft curves ( ~ ). You will need to put the needle at the bottom of the soft, wavy line and slowly go up. This is harder than it sounds, especially using body coodination while working with the sewing machine! Do not let this frustrate you! As I got older, it wasn't always easier, but when it got rough, I went to my mom or my 4-H learder (who was also my favorite math teacher) for additional help.  Sewing just takes lots of practice. Most good things do. Everyone has to start at the beginning, even famous clothing designers. There is a gorgeous book I recently pruchased for my oldest granddaughter for a holiday coming up (shhh, don't tell her). The book is: "Christian Siriano Dresses To Dream About."  Christian was inspired in his youth by his mom's colorful couch she had purchased. He was also inspired by his ballerina sister. My granddaughter is a dancer / ballerina and she loves to draw people. I have given her books on a beginning level, then medium level clothing designer drawing books, I have an advanced one to give her soon. She is a beginning level of how to sew. I believe she will really enjoy Christian's book. Does this sound like a book you would enjoy? To be a professional Clothing Designer It takes creativity, sewing ability, visual art ability and art skills (drawing  / watercolor). Though my granddaughter does not plan to make this her profession; she really enjoys it. Christian Siriano, an American Fashion Designer shared his fashion designs with the world. The professional photographer for this 2017 book was Brad Walsh.  Photography is also an art profession. Books are a great way to learn more about the arts. Students, do you have or does someone in your family have old books on how to sew from their past years in 4-H, or other books at home on sewing or fasion design? It is always fun to look up Fasion Design on the web. There are "How To" videos on web on how to sew too.  Learning is fun!