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Drawing A Page Full of Tiny Single Line Stick Figure People Showing Arm & Leg Movement - For All Grades

March 28, 2020

To do this project you will need: a piece of paper and a regular pencil, pen, markers, crayons, or whatever other art medium you would like to use). Your choice!  Choose one. 

To show arm and leg movement they move at joints, otherwise the bones are drawn straight. Remember arms move at shoulders, elbows, and wrists.  Legs may move at bottom of hips, knee joints, and at ankles. For extra information, you may see my article on "How To Draw A Double Wide Stick Kid" (though this article is for larger figures). This project for the simple single line stick figure most people are familar with drawing. What they might not be familiar with is drawing movement at joints. Remember bones are straight. It's fun to see how many different ways the body can move. Can you show person running, sitting, doing jumping jacks, the splits, climbing a ladder? Picture in your mind first, then hold out your arms (like holding a basket, playing a drum, or running a race). Then pretend to do that activity, stand up, sit down, stretch out, fold your body up, and do what the activity is in one place. Then draw the arm and leg movements at their joints. You may keep these single line stick figures super simple (color in head solid, show simple line movement; won't need to add hair or clothes - just keep as simple sticks.) See how many you can make. You may make them super small if you wish and have them showing movement all over your page!